Music Theory I

Music Theory I is a course designed to focus on the fundamentals and foundations of music, integrating basic materials and skills. The study of diatonic harmony, musical style, music history and music listening skills will be emphasized with performance and practical applications as a primary goal. The primary goal of this course is to enhance and encourage students understanding of musical applications and terms with a specific emphasis on the theory of music.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation is based harmony and ear training–an average of quiz grades, sight singing, class work and

assignments, the final exam, and a final project.

            1.  A Functional Notebook** (Worth 10% of the final grade)

2. Harmony and Eartraining–An Average of Quiz Grades (Worth 20% of the final grade)

3. Sight-singing (Worth 5% of the final grade)

4. Classwork and Assignments (Worth 30% of the final grade)

5. Final Project (Worth 10% of the final grade)

6. Final Exam (Worth 25% of the TOTAL final grade)

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