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2010 Marching Show


STUCK! was an original show designed for the 2010 Morehead Marching Band.  The Music of Robert W. Smith and Richard Saucedo helps depict a representation of how individuals prevail regardless of circumstances.  The show was inspired by real life stories and situations.  This particular artistic work is divided into four differnt Movements.
The Intro: is a revealing of the obvious, a conquest into the unknown, as well as a punch in the face....Exactly-a basic definition of the word Stuck.
The First through Third Movements are based upon a play on words.
I. Real Lies: Deception: The first movement represents how people allow themselves to be constricted by what other people see, say, and do.  Deception is the beginning of being STUCK!
II. Real Eyes: Beauty: The second movment is a representation of how people are captivated by/ STUCK! on what they see.  Those that truly love you always find the beauty that lies within.
III. Realize: Triumph: The third and final movment is dedicated to the joy found in being triumphant regardless of obstacles, circumstances, and doubt.
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Oct 8, 2010, 6:14 AM