Concert Band Camp

This semester we would like to present our band students with a new learning experience through the Morehead High School Concert Band Camp, February 4-5, 2011.  The camp will be geared toward the maturation and growth of the Morehead High School Band Program.



·        To provide students with a new learning experience

·        To re-cultivate and maintain a learning culture of musical excellence

·        To allow students to hear characteristic tone quality

·        To  produce effective, successful, & responsible musicians


The Concert Band Camp will consist of Master Classes, Chamber Ensemble Coaching, Practice Technique Instruction, Music Theory Assessment, and Music Technology Instruction. This music filled weekend event will allow our students to receive individualized, group, and ensemble instruction from various music education professionals. 


Each student will be asked to register for camp by filling out and detaching the form on the bottom of page 2.   Our Camp registration fee is $20.00 per student.  For families with more than one student in band, the registration fee will be $15.00 per student. Each student’s registration fee will supplement Dinner on Friday Evening and instruction for the two days.  All Concert Band Fees MUST be turned in no later January 28, 2011.

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