posted Feb 24, 2016, 7:43 AM by Nathan Hines

Playing/ Music Pass-offs

All wind and brass band members need to play for me individually.  Ordinarily, I do “chair auditions”.  However, since we have several new members with varying levels of experience I have decided to give each member a mini-lesson and to place chairs based upon direct assessment. 

A sign-up sheet with times available will be posted on the bulletin board.  Please select a time that works best for you and sign-up.  These will need to be completed by the end of first week of March (BY FRIDAY, MARCH 4th). 

You will need to play:

1.       Concert Bb Scale

2.       Concert Eb Scale

3.       Concert Ab

4.       An excerpt from one of the pieces that we are performing.  I will select “on the spot” what you are supposed to play for me, so practice your parts!  Recordings of all music are available on our website under “Band Member Resources”.   Parts selected will be from “Overture for Winds”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Alla Barocco”, and “Purgatorio”. 

ALL WIND AND BRASS MUST PLAY for a grade.  Total point value will be 50 points.  Practice your music and your scales!